John 3-16

Church is Anesthetized to the Message of God’s Love

We have become so comfortable with the idea that God loves you who desires to have a personal relationship with you. We have become numb to the fact that God gave his one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sin because of his unchangeable love for his creation. This magnanimous love, truth, and divine mystery no longer moves us now. The tragic scenes or movie clips have greater impact on us. They stir emotions easily and swiftly move us than the divine sacrificial love story of Calvary in which Jesus showed the world what it means when the Bible said, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish have eternal life.”  

Help Her Before It’s Too Late

The English title of this short video “One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of My Life” caught my eyes when I saw it on YouTube. This looks like a selfie project, I’m not certain. However, the description of the video seems to be a real story. When I pasted the title in Google Translator, it detected two different languages. So, it’s either Croatian or Bosnian. Then the placard sign she holds at the end was translated as,  “Help me. I don’t know if I will wait for tomorrow.” I don’t know how accurate the translation was, but the message is clear: There are many people who are hurt and suffering silently. If you know someone going through this kind of abuse, please find a way to help her before it’s too late. .



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