Brainwashed or what?

Look closely at this picture- now that is what we call chow-mein, not simply a mixture of cabbage, celery, with some white sauce and rice on the side. For us Nepalese chow-mein means noddles- saateyed noodles perhaps! I was frustrated with the absence of noodles in their chow-mein that I made it myself and clicked it. Taadaaa.

I understand chow-mein is a Chinese dish and may be all we Nepalese need to revise our Chinese vocabulary. Going to that restaurant I feel like all this time I had lived in darkness. I feel like going to all the restaurants in Nepal and pounding on them, “Cm’on you guys have to come to the Light. Chow-mein is not what we all have been thinking it was.” I wonder if all this time Chinese have been eating at our Nepalese restaurants and left laughing at our stupidly innocent naming of their dishes.

Did someone get a degree in Chinese food taxonomy?!! You who are reading this and has any idea how we have made this blunder of calling Chinese noodles chow-mein and living proudly please contact me.

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