New Year Eve Celebration- or was it?

My husband has been in the United Sates for just 3 months now. Back home we went out quite often. But to do the same here in the States had been a challenge for us because we don’t have a car. We couldn’t do anything special for our first Christmas together. He thus wanted to take me out to eat wherever I wanted. I did not have many options since it had to be within a walking distance. Back home we both had our personal vehicles. This wasn’t the case here. And mind you this is Michigan with snow everywhere just about now.

Wow! We still dared to walk. We took off at about 4:30 pm. It was 30 minutes walk to the area we wanted to go. This spot has several good restaurants. At first I wanted to go to O’ Charley’s. Unfortunately, this restaurant wasn’t in the area. We would have to walk another 1.5 mile. Hmmm… not too bad for us who loved walking around especially in Nepal. But in our heavy snow-boots and -3 degree C weather, walking wasn’t that fun.

Anyway, we ended up going to a Chinese restaurant called Mingten. They were serving both buffet and dishes off the menu. We chose to eat something special. We hadn’t eaten chowmein in quite a while. We surfed through the menu and found chowmein pretty appealing. Ok, shrimp chowmein, wanton soup and steak were what we ordered. We waited for couple of minutes.Alas,chowmein arrived with a look that shocked us. It was cabbage, shrimps, onion and some white sauce with a cup of rice. I shockingly asked the waitress, “How is this chowmein?” She was quick to answer that it was chowmein. What??Where were the noodles? She could not convince us with her limited English. Seriously, even our wanton soup and steak were completely different than what we were used to in Nepal. Their servings were big so we took the leftovers to go.

We stepped into the elevator while an elderly couple stepped out. They left a pungent smell. I thought they had tooted. I even told my husband, “What a shame, they farted and left.” We realized later that it was the food. Ouch!

This was our New year’s celebration. We hoped for some scrumptious Chinese food that we missed from home and got an Americanized version of Chinese chowmein.

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