The Kite Runner: A Reflection!

I was transported to the days of old when we shrieked with the entire town from roof tops ‘chait’ which means ‘cut’ in Nepali. Of course, the movie ‘The Kite Runner’ did a lot of things to my emotions. There were moments of tears, joy, fear and anger for the session of that movie. What a war can do to a country is not new to us but movies like this reminds us time and again the atrocities and heartache that wars bring.

My friend especially enjoyed the kite flying parts because he shared so much of similar excitement related to flying kites. Once we came out of the theater, I knew the movie had ignited a part of his childhood. On he went talking about the joys of flying kites and how this part of his culture is slowly fading. More and more youth are hooked to computer games and media that they have found negligible joy in juggling the kites against the wind or along the wind. There is a subtle battle with nature and a bold fight with your opponents’ kites.

I too remember standing by my brothers and cousins shouting at the top of my lungs. It used to feel like at that moment of flying kite so many emotions were experienced. There was mere joy of flying kite into the sky. There was cut-throat competition, silent cry to the lost kite and victorious noise when other kites were cut. A kind of fellowship was there with your kins, rest of the kite flyers and in some ways with the kites. And of course, the endless relationship with the spool, thread and the kite if you have shared the joy of flying kite just like my friend has.

Since, flying kite was so close to our hearts from childhood that was the first impression of the movie and secondly, those two little boys who played their roles brilliantly. Hassan and Amir were two charming stars of the movie. Hassan especially was imprinted on my heart because of the character he was- faithful, genuine, generous and resilient. Sometimes, I wish I could be like him but I know the waves of time have tainted my maybe one-time innocence. He remained faithful until the end of his life.

Khaled Hosseini, the writer of the book ‘The Kite Runner’ has painted beautiful characters in his book. Though I have not read the book myself, I am tempted to read it very soon. I would highly recommend you to either read the book and/or see the movie. I am sure that doing either of them first will definitely enthuse you to do the second.


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