I am sure that my Nepalese friends around the world might not have been acquainted with the term nepænglish. Or, you, at least, might be trying to figure it out what it really means. If you do not have a clue, then follow me. It is very simple and easily coined term with these two combined words ‘Nepali’ + ‘English’ = nepænglish. Today’s young generation in Nepal does not speak or show interest in speaking Nepali language. Even if they speak it, their tongue slips into English in the speed of roller-coaster. Thence, Nepali is sandwiched between English and English. And Nepali sounds much like English with heavy English accent. So, our language can be compared with a burger imported from Burger King of America. Our young folks begin their conversation with a couple of Nepali words followed by 80% English words and finish the conversation with another couple of Nepali words. This is how a new language is developed in the country. And isn’t it great?

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