Authentic – Craving

After couple of weeks, I got topics to write again. I was feeling like doing nothing because of heavy school works. And I thought that I should keep writing, at least, for my family. Here we go for the story of authentic craving. In the United States of America, craving for authentic food is as bad as homesickness for international students. Wherever and whichever restaurants we visited – Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Korean – did not provide real taste from these countries. Taste was also Americanized!!! Really. Sweet was added in every dish, as we add turmeric power in every dish except milk. Meat was also sweet, and I did not like sweet at all.

For this reason, I put all of my efforts to bring back the authentic taste of Newari dishes in the United States. At the same time, my pregnant wife was also craving for those “84 Byanjans”, literally 84 dishes in Newari festivities and parties. So, I pretended to be an expert chef in my homey-homey kitchen, yet we had no 84 kinds of stuffs. I spent almost three hours in the kitchen. Tears were shedding as if I were sobbing when I cut onions. I remembered my mother for her love and care. How she cooked everyday for her four children and husband! That day, I was also trying to be a good husband to my wife. As a result of my earnest effort, I cooked some dishes though we had no all varieties in our kitchen. Finally, we got back some real taste. And we celebrated.

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