An absentminded…

This is my first visit with my wife in this park. You are like a lame without your own car here. We do not have a good bus transportation system in place in Grand Rapids. So, we go to nearby church right across our school. Today, after church, we had a beautiful sunny day. Piles of snow cover all the ground and roads here in winter. So, I think people are overjoyed when the sun appears in Michigan. We were also beaming with joy for having such a great beautiful day. Our friend and sister in Christ, Sarah also showed up in our apartment backyard. She is our neighbor. She planned to go on a picnic in Riverside Lake Park which seemed a perfect plan for a day. We prepared grill sandwich, and put water, orange, and crackers. I did not forget to carry two blankets for laying down on the ground in order to sit. A camera was with us. My wife asked me to carry the bag that had our light lunch and snacks. And we hit the road.

No sooner did we reach the park than my hair bristled as I found no lunch-bag in the car! Oh NO… That was no good, for there was no cafe or restaurant close to the park. I felt very bad. Next, the park also looked like an abandoned land in comparison to Ratna Park or Tribhuwan Park or any park. Our parks were always crowded, and people had easy access to snacks, ice-cream, and lunch. Here, we had nothing except water in a bottle that Sarah carried with her. However, we spent around 3 hours reading books in the park. But not I. I just went around seeing birds and taking pictures of some wild ducks. Though I am not a skilled photographer, I enjoyed capturing some pictures of those ducks in the swamp.

Later that afternoon, we headed down to downtown to get some smoothie and ice-cream. We had so much fun walking in downtown with a cold beverage. We went to our nest in college. But our weekend, I thought, was unfulfilled until we met some of our friends. We had not seen them for a couple of days. We invited Ms. T and Mr. L, Mongolian and Zambian friends, in our apartment and had more fun singing and chatting. Later, Mr. Y, a South Korean friend, also joined us. The plan changed to go for ice-cream in Cold Stone. This time, I did not forget to carry my wallet; otherwise, my friends would have had to pay for us…. (lol).

One thought on “An absentminded…

  1. Is that an absentminded “husband”…u mean??I think we could focus on our books because of not having our lunch…though this pregnant woman was a little hungry…thanks to Biggby’s treat of berry cream freeze..or was it mango???


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