Emerging bud – good spring

Snow has gone; we are enjoying spring. Recently, I went to walk around campus with my wife. Truly, we have not walked around campus and other areas since October last year when all the areas were entirely covered with snow. Even snow was hanging on the branches of trees. Now all withered grasses and trunks of trees are turning green. Sparrows are coming close to our backyard of apartment and singing songs with their glorious voice. We both went to woods where I know the roads for our campus maintenance department use its trailers to collect dried woods. In the course of small errands, I was able to capture some photos which I posted in my multiplysite. Some flowers I saw were dying; some were just withering. I found a number of caterpillars were entrapped in cobweb, and they felled prey to spider. Some few distance away, a beautiful bud was about to bloom – hoping turn to beautiful flower.
All these reminded me of those students struggling for their studies in Kuyper. Despite the fact, sometimes I feel like ignoring all the truth of our life. Last year, a student from Romania passed away due to cancer. Some students were just about to blossom, but they could not make their way going on due to jobless situation. Some of our friends just graduated from the college, and the memory began to fade soon, as some flowers started to pass off. Still life is beautiful and makes lot of sense in the spiritual journey. And I hope I will be able encompass wide range of people from different backgrounds without felling prey to mugger of eternal peace and joy.

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