Go: Narnia

I’m just back from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Today, 16th May is the premier show of the movie. I was anticipating watching the movie for a long time. I had also promised my wife to take her to the movie. If we’ve promised our wives, we have to fulfill our promise to behold our joyfulness. FM local stations were also airing for free tickets for the audiences who would make the first call to the station. So, we called our friends Y Jeon X Vang, and we set out for the Celebration Cinema.
As we checked the tickets, the show was at 9.15 pm. We had still two and half hours to waste somewhere. At the same time, none of us had had anything. Then, we headed toward the Famous Davis to have dinner. Weather, day, and company were perfect in a human sense, but, huh… we had 1.15 minutes. My patience was running out of my nerves. We had no other options either hang on at the corner of the coffee house or go back to campus until the movie starts.

We were back to campus and eagerly waiting for the exact time (8.30) to go to the movie. All of a sudden, Prasha got a call from S. She was already there standing in line to get entry earlier. The ticket system is totally different here. Once we had a bad experience in the same movie theater when we went there for The Kite Runner. We had expected that we would get our seat in an alphabetical order as we do in Nepal. But our assumption turned wrong as we stepped in the theater. People were sitting wherever they liked the seat. We got in just before 10 minutes to start the movie. All the seats were occupied. Only the front row was left. We sighed and inhaled deeply again for being too close to the picture.
Then… the entire movie running time was like a torture for me. Anyway, this time, we had a nice seat, because our friends S and J had already got in and reserved seats for us in the middle row. I, along with all of my friends, am very grateful to both of them.

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