small creatures…

This morning, I got an email from Sarah. She had attached some photos of small creatures found around campus. My goodness, I was looking for these wonderful creatures for a long time,

but I could not make it. Though, a huge deer came close to our apartment in search of green grass last night. It was 11:15 pm. It was the same deer which frightened my wife other day at evening when she went out for walking. I tried to take some photos, but I was also wondering if it might run away due to force flash from camera. Then you know what? The pictures turned so ugly
that I felt I missed golden chance to capture such a nice creature in my camera. So, I followed the deer coming out of my apartment. No sooner it disappeared into the darkness behind dorm than hearing the banged sash of the main door. I came back to room with blind camera without photos of the deer.

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