Today, we had so much fun in Achyut’s graduation party. He was the host of the party. Other day, we attended his graduation ceremony in Van Andel Arena in downtown Michigan.
It was a huge ceremony that one thousand students were officially honored for graduating this year from Calvin College. The chief guest was the best-selling evangelical Christian freelance writer Philip Yancey. I have read his many books which were chosen as the Gold Medallion book of the year, but I have never seen him before. The graduation ceremony became a special ceremony particularly for me too, as I could see him and hear his sermon.

This is our mother Beth. She is very alike our mother in the States, since we left our mothers back home. She has big heart for us. She came to pick us up at 3.30 pm. As soon as we reached in her house for the party, Achyut seemed very tired of cooking so many dishes for guests. He asked me to make some barbeques of lamb. I was ready to barbeque. However, I had hard time right after all fats started burning. My eyes were burning due to smoke.

In spite of burning sensation, I enjoyed the smoky smell of the lamb coming out from the grill. But inside the house, people were enjoying having the barbeque. Some guests showed appreciation to me for the spicy barbeque. Another guest was very interested to know what kind of spices we used. Soon after I finished grilling, Achyut also told me that people liked barbeque more than any other dish. I wish I could make it differently, since I was longing for the taste of Nepal. So, I add some more spices to bring the real taste of Nepal, yet the taste was not good as it should be. Nonetheless, we finished the barbeque. Then, we prepared to leave for our nest in the college. A kind Pastor, Fagun drove us back to the campus. When we arrived at apartment, it was already 9.15 pm. Thinking about the weekend, I was so surprised that how fast we passed this weekend.

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