New cat bird

This evening, I was tracing a bird which was seen in the campus everyday. I did not know what was going on in the bush nearby the main gate of Education Building. I heard some strange noise, in fact, chirping of a bird inside the bush. Later on, I went to woods to find the deer. As I went close to the deer, it ran away sooner than I pressed the shutter button of my camera. Then what … I walked all around the woods expecting that I would find, at least, baby deer. But it exhausted me unnecessarily. Hence, I finished my errands quite earlier and was going back to my apartment.

Meanwhile, Kuyper celebrity Camren DeWaard – best improving basketball player of the year who can touch the basket easily without jumping – saw me with my camera. So, he asked me if I was looking for birds. Of course, I was. He took me to the location – the bush nearby the main gate where he saw a Cat bird had laid eggs.

As we were close to the bush, the bird flew away from the nest and hid in the bush. Then, he showed me the nest but I did not see it. You know why? I have already told you that he is 6’11” or so tall. And how can I see the eggs from where we both were standing!

Therefore, I went little closer focusing my lens to the nest. Oh… my excitement was completely out of the blue when I found five blue eggs in the small nest. They were very bright and shinning. I was scared to go closer, since my small mistake could destroy five new birds. For that reason, I left the bush soon in a hope that I would see those eggs turning baby birds. So far as it is reasonably possible to birdwatch, I will keep updating about the cat bird.

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