Just Imagine!

These mail boxes are standing alongside of the road. A good number of vehicles go back and forth from the same route to different places. Some people are jogging in the bright day. But I was thinking about those mail boxes waiting for the postman to deliver the mail packets into the box. I thought about people walking at the side of the road and their manner of civilization.

And I recalled the days in Kathmandu during every countrywide strike, general protest against the government, all Nepal transportation strike, and so on. There would be road blockage due to automobile tyres burning in the midst of every highway, Main Street, and alley in and outside Kathmandu valley. Public properties would be vandalized. The main target of the demonstrators would be the statue of the kings of Nepal. So, traffic police, sometimes armed force police, and Army had to protect them. Now I just wonder what the condition of the mail boxes would be if they were standing in the roads in Kathmandu!!!

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