Honoring differently

Today, we had great fun, as Reverend Arbin Pokharel and his family had open house program in the house of the president of Calvin College. They both presented some recent progress and development of their church ministry in Nepal. I was so glad to see them after around a year. When I saw a still picture of Lamjung, west Nepal, I felt nostalgic to go back to Nepal soon. Probably, this is the first time that I got involved in such a large community where many wise people with gray hairs came to gather for the presentation. I had immense respect for those godly and wise people, but I did not know how to show respect when I greeted them. As usual, I stretched out my both hands to shake hand with a wise old folk. I am still in confusion to show courtesy to the old and elderly people in the western culture. I do not know how younger people treat elderly people to show that they are respected in this culture. So, I just did what I had learned in Nepali culture. In return, the kind-hearted old folk also stretched out his both hands to shake with me. The way how he did was not as I did, but he, at least, respected my culture without knowing what he was doing. It was high honor for me.

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