Road Festival

Last weekend, we went to Grand Rapids downtown. No sooner had we stepped in the parking lot than we heard gospel bands were performing in the stages. It was road festival taking place right at one of the major cities of Michigan. An exclusive circle of people with common purpose – enjoy concerts, concerto, and dances – was hanging all around the main road, inns, and sidewalks. People were enjoying music, and some were trying different dishes – Arabian, Italian, American, Mexican, and many others I did not remember all.
We met a sweet couple who study in our campus. They told us that the Art Museum of the downtown was offering free entrance for the visitors. So, we rushed there. Unfortunately, the authorities of the museum did not allow us to take our camera and water bottle with us. Thus, we missed shooting extraordinary creations of highly motivated artists of different ages. I liked most of the oil paintings, but the I was surprised to see the painting of Mao in ten different colors. Besides, I saw two paintings – the artist used dust of diamond in that particular painting really impressed me.

Now, those paintings are only in our memory. I wish I could capture those various kinds of beautiful paintings in my camera and post them here, as I had captured these photos of diverse people groups.

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