Poor me and my catbird!

I had promised that I would keep updating about the development of the eggs of the cat bird. So, I went to see if there were any new things going on. The nest was tilting, and eggs were not there. I thought that they might have fallen down on the ground due to storm. I checked beneath the bush. There was neither a sign of broken eggs nor the shells. What could have happened then? Some kids play nearby that bush. Did they pick them? Or did the cat bird move the eggs to another tree? Or chipmunks ate them? What a jerk! Probably, chipmunks ate them, as there were lots of chipmunks digging holes and climbing trees and bushes around to get their food. They even come to our porch and pick crumbs of snacks and grains. The adventure of watching the cat bird hatching eggs has now come to end.

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