Our Gift!

 I am on my sixth month of pregnancy. When people ask me how my pregnancy has been going, I simply tell them that I do not feel pregnant though I look pregnant. But I did feel very pregnant when I did not look pregnant. Oh, the terrible morning sickness!

Of course, my husband and I are super excited about this though we were not totally prepared for it. But hey, we love how God decides time for everything. It is comforting to know that we are not in control of our lives no matter how hard we try and think we are.

The wonderful thing has been to see how God has been providing for every need. First we thought that our student insurance did not cover prenatal/pregnancy expenses at all. Through some friends who did the research for us, we found out that it did. Secondly, just the things/accessories for baby have been “walking” to our house. Once the word was passed about our situation, friends have been handing down sutff. What a blessing! There is a couple who are our child’s ‘pretend’ grandparents.

I especially thank these friends who have helped us to realize what a gift it is to be parents. God has used these friends to assure me of His provision, and that He will not abandon us. To all again- Thank YOU!

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