Count your blessing one by one!

The baby is due in September, and we’re getting many things for our baby from last four-five months. Once our friends here heard about my wife being pregnant, they became very concerned about our situation. Beels family is the first one to whom we delivered the news. Then, Vreemans were also so glad to hear about it. Ribbes and other friends were also started calling us. At the same time, we had to find out if our insurance covers all the expenses including prenatal vitamins. All of these godly people are so kind to us that they visited us as angles with blessings. Vreemans announced themselves ‘pretend grandparents’ voluntarily and assured us to help if our insurance does not cover at all. We also should be very grateful to our professors and friends here in campus. They also showed so much concern for our studies. At the beginning of the second trimester, we got enough clothes for our baby.

Today, we again got a baby stroller, crib, bureau, high chair, pack and play, and many toys. Prasha was so excited for all these baby stuffs. She was eerily unquiet to let Beels and Vreemans to know about these stuffs. She said, “Jackie would be so glad to see all of these, since she is arranging all of the things for the baby.” To be honest, we could hardly buy all these stuffs by our limited budget. Thank you Jesus for your love!

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