Enjoy The Races

This morning, I felt energetic to post about the event that took place yesterday. There was a car racing in the Berlin Fair Drive – Marne. Vreemans had already made plans for the Independence and weekend holidays for us. Their brother-in-law, Jim was also competiting in the raceway with his T11.
So, we got free pass for five people to go the raceway. We reached at the Raceway at 7 pm as the race was supposed to start. No later than the announced time to start the race, the organizer called upon the racing cars to queue up in the lane. And the first round of race amongst 4-Cylinder cars started.
As the speed of the cars geared up for victory, many cars collided with each other. Some were left with flat tires; someone’s bumper cover was blown away! Jim was also starting the race with his 4-cylinder car. Somehow he was consistently taking the first position in the beginning of the race, but he could not do it well at the end of the finishing laps. Once his turn was over, we did not know any other racers in the lane to cheer up. However, we enjoyed watching other racers who were making loud noises in the lane with their speeding cars.
The time was also about 10 pm, but there were still other two rounds of racings to be taken place. It would be very interesting and thrilling to watch, as they run for 30 and 40 laps to reach their finishing line. We felt very tired, so we left the Berlin Raceway at 10.10 pm and headed toward our destination.

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