Last weekend, we went kayaking in Wabasis Lake Park with Tom and Jacki. We had been planning to go for kayaking for couple of weeks now, but weather had been deceiving us. As we also know that weather in Michigan is unpredictable. They picked us up from our apartment at 11 am. When we reached in the lake park, there were only few numbers of canoes, motorboat, kayaks, and fishing ships. There was a beach where people had come with their children to enjoy a perfectly fine day. As Tom and I were unfastening the straps to take down kayaks from the trailor, Jacki and Prasha went to find a picnic spot for us. They came back after few minutes to tell us where we should come to join them later. Then, we set up our kayaks and checked our paddles. Finally, we both were ready to go in the lake. Simply, I followed Tom and did whatever he did. Huha… it’s great fun, since that was my first experience in my life. I paddled as fast as possible to follow Tom. At this point, my kayak hit Tom’s several times. It was fun though. While we crossed almost half of the lake, the waves rolled toward our kayaks. I thought that I was going to be overturned, but I just kept paddling, and immediately afterward, I fared well. But I felt little exhausted when we came back to the shore of the lake.
Now Jacki and Prasha started rowing the kayaks from the shore. It was her first experience too, but Jacki was quite experienced. They both went upto the center of the lake. And they came little faster than we were. Right after their return, we had lunch together.

Again, we decided to kayak. Prasha and I went for another round. That time, I felt little scared of other boats and waves since she is pregnant. It was quite different to kayak with Tom and with a wife. When I was with Tom, I felt so free and there was no reservation in my heart. But I was too cautious for my wife and baby.
Tom and Jacki also went for another round. They looked so romantic while they were kayaking. Meanwhile, he was trying to splash Jacki and push her kayak, Tom tipped over. We thought he was doing it intentionally, but he wasn’t.
I had good time to shoot the incident at that time. After their arrival, we checked our time, and it was ready to leave the lake park soon. Soon after we packed kayaks in the trailor, and other stuffs in the van, we left the lake and park carrying only good memories of kayaking, picnic, and fun captured in our camera.

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