An Unsolved Mystery

An unsolved mystery is a thorn in the heart. Jyoti- my little sister and the cause of her death will always remain a mystery. I never saw, first hand, her deteriorating health, nor did parents think she was seriously ill. Doctors had been saying it was just the flu. One particular night, her skin was full of boils, and she was hurried into intensive care unit. The next morning, doctors announced she could be discharged the following day.

A friend was visiting her. She said Jyoti looked beautiful and healthy. “Now she has revived her health,” she thought. In another hour, the ECG demonstrated an alarming graph. My doctor sister did CPR. Alas, right before her eyes she slipped into an eternal physical sleep. To everyone’s dismay and to doctor’s shock, the cause of her death remains a mystery. Or could be just the messed up medical system. Why doesn’t the doctor know what happened?!! However, one thing strikes to me so often. The friend who was visiting exclaimed how beautiful and angelic Jyoti looked throughout her fight for survival in that hospital bed. She never complained and had an ineffable glow.

I often try to put the pieces of this puzzle to bring some sense . Despite my family’s assurance that Jyoti was doing fine, my unobtrusive urges to cry and pray for her health; and despite the medical personnel’s thorough monitoring and their decision to discharge her soon- she still passed away. Yet one witness said Jyoti had this glow throughout. I envision this glow again and again. Could the angels have come and surrounded her? Had she already met Jesus so personally that she wrote, “Life is heavy as mountain and death is light as feather”? I only try to connect these pieces. After all it is just an unsolved mystery- What caused her to die? What caused her to express such agony and find relief in death? Above all- why that glow?

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