Moment of Being

It was early December evening. I looked out of my dorm room window. In a matter of few seconds, my eyes just welled up thinking about my mother. My mother who raised her three daughters amidst an unsupportive family environment and saw them leave one by one. One to Australia, another to the States, and the third to the place she can never return from.
Never did these emotions strike as hard as that particular quiet evening I put myself into my mother’s shoes. I simply could not hold my tears back. To lose a daughter of such young age to an unknown cause, and to have other two daughters thousand miles away. How does she bring these into perspective? Does she feel that her responsibilities are over? Does she feel hollow inside? I have never mustered enough courage to ask her these questions. But still in that moment of being, these emotions swept in. It was no more an independent individual crying felt one with mother. For that one moment- I became a mother.

3 thoughts on “Moment of Being

  1. >Sounds to me like God is preparing your heart for motherhood! How are you doing, friend? I have yet to see any pictures of you pregnant. I wish I were able to see you in person! I miss you.


  2. >Hey Prasha…I didn’t know you had a blog! Thanks for checking in with us. I haven’t been into Kuyper much lately. I am still going to be working there in the fall a little bit though. I’ll be helping out with academic support. Hope that your pregnancy continues to go well and that God continues to prepare you for being parents. Blessings friend!


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