Memories Woven

Prior to moving to the new apartment in the first week of August, we wanted to spend some time together with our Nepalese friends in Reeds Lake Drive. But there was no one to drop us off there. Finally, we planned to stride all around the campus. My lovely wife was beside me walking in the same pace. She is just 2 months away from her delivery. So, we both walked slowly taking some pictures of some wild bushes and plants.
I found this kite fly sucking the flavor of this flower nearby my apartment. It took couple of minutes to focus my lens in this beautiful creature due to the breeze. Eventually, I made it.

Subsequently, my wife also captured some pictures of the wild plant in the parking lot. I did not know that she was also good in shoting nice picture.

It was a time to cherish for both of us. The perfect weather, each others company, and nature- all of these combined gave us a romantic ambience as well. I hope that God gives us more days like this whence we can enjoy His creation!

PS. For more photos, please visit Nepaenglish Photos.

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