New Phase…

A week has passed since the new school year started. Some people have said, once you graduate you do recall school quite fondly. The routine it gives, sitting in classes always learning, and merely an interaction with people all the time. I miss each of it minus doing the assignments. Though I am equally excited to be done and anticipating a new phase in life of being a mom. I am sure his coming will wreck my schedule. I have heard from friends that new born babies don’t give you a schedule, they wreck it because they are so unpredictable. Whatever it is, I am sure I’ll love nursing my baby and holding him to my bosom.

New parents usually find themselves saying that they’ll do all the things that their parents did not do for them. I reflect on my childhood and don’t recall what they have not done for me. I mean…what haven’t they done for me? Their sacrificial love, their time, and providing for us, how can say I won’t do the same for my baby? Maybe there were certain parenting styles I might not follow but still there is so much to be thankful to my parents for. You do understand your mother better being a mother yourself.

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