October Rush

I must admit that I am not motivated to do anything except some homework since the fall semester started. Homework keeps me too busy to do anything. It seems good excuse. I wonder when my fellow students take 5-6 classes, meantime they get enough time to get involved in games, plays, works, and much more fun! And I ponder about my time how fast it is flying away from my hand. Last, not least I come to the point that I have a blessed beautiful family – a wife and a new born son.

I was very preoccupied until my son was born. I had test, class presentations, quiz, and papers due at the same time. Prasha and baby were okay thence I was optimistic that he would come in time. He was supposed to come down to earth on 22nd September, but he did not make it. I know doctors and their new technologies are not God. It is He who makes us fearfully and wonderfully in our mother’s womb. Those technologies are just a bundle of gifts to his people. From the beginning of pregnancy, nurse was telling the due date on 18th and doctor kept recording due date on 22nd. Even the ultrasound showed on 22nd. They were just a guessing game at all. Nevertheless, the post due date created uncertainties and made my timetable worse.

Finally, he came on 1st October. It was the most important day of my life. I had never hold any new born baby or toddler before. So, I was quite nervous to hold such a delicate baby in my arm. Yet, I held him, changed the diaper, and swaddled my baby boy again. Then, I felt I’m a father now!

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