Sauntering Dad

Pratya. Yes, his name is Pratya. The name sounds awkward to some of our friends here. Some think it is simply the rhyme of my name which actually isn’t what we thought first. Since my wife conceived him, we thought about his name and ended up with combination of both of our names. Simply, PRATYA is of PRAsha + saTYA; this meaning takes precedence over the rhyming one. It literally means ‘Prefix’.

He is already 10 days old. We took him for exposure to the sun. Today, we had beautiful sunny day. Also, a perfect day to take some photos, so that I could print as well as post them online. He seems to be a quiet boy. On the contrary, he is a restless one. Whenever I focused my lens on him, he kept moving. However, I got some shots that I liked. So many times, I enjoy taking pictures of others. I rarely take pictures of own. Today I thought that I should get some pictures. My wife was beside me; my camera was also with me. What was more, there was beautiful sun, the wonderful and pleasant fall color that I relish forever. Then what??? click … click… ultimate click with my little son!

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