Pratya Rules out Bassinet

Pratya is only five weeks old, but he started giggling and smiling in 4 weeks. I should say that he graduated from sleeping in his small bassinet. He feels it is now no more spacious for him to move his hands around. Now, he sleeps in a big crib which could be used until he turns four to five.

It is very fun to watch baby growing. Honestly, I forget everything when he smiles. He does not even need to smile, but his charming face makes me feel very comfortable in every hardship of life. He holds my finger and stares at me. When I come back home after classes, I find him excited hearing my voice.
I enjoy changing his diaper and helping him to burp after nursing. Once I was changing his diaper, I did not cover his manhood thinking that he already passed out. But all of a sudden, the fountain opened and splashed on my hands and sprinkled around his clothes. Yikes! Nevertheless, it’s one of the most dulcet experiences ever I had being a father of such a wonderful boy.

These days and months will leave great impact, I guess, in our entire life and give us new perspective and hope toward life. No matter how challenging to raise baby, yet it is blessed to have a baby. I bet you when you’ll have your baby, it will, at least some times, make you think about your parents how much they love and care for you.

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