Today, Prasha had gone for whole day out for her translating job for Bhutanese refugees who were resettled here through International Organization for Migration (IOM). I was home to look after Pratya. But I also had one class after lunch. So, we were looking for someone who could babysit him for two hours. Finally, Tuyata voluntarily lent her helping hand with usual big-heart to babysit. Isn’t it awesome when you have friends around who really want to help you?

Giving tummy time and feeding him, I left him with Tuyata. Pratya was safe with her; however, I was only thinking about him in the classroom. I thought for a while how much Prasha might be missing him, as she left him home for six hours. As soon as I got back, we hugged each other. I usually whisper gently in his ear to assure him how much I love and care about him. I say “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “I am sorry.” He listens quietly as though he understands them. They do not make any sense to him, yet he likes to hear these words. Again we got to play. He loves to swing at times. And then he himself sat on the floor with his both hands. Nonetheless, he tilted to his left. At one point, he looked like he was going to prostate. He is just funny that way.

He has developed a kind of notion to object certain things. He hates vitamin D drops. Whenever I put bib on him, he speculates that I am giving him vitamin drop. He rubs his nose on my arms and drops tears as if he were in panic. I do not understand why it hurts me. Thank God for blessing me with this boy through whom I learned how much my parents have loved and cared about me.

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