Out of the Blue Celebration

Pratya has grown so fast that it’s sometimes hard to hold him in our arms, as he moves so violently. His hair also has been growing too long. Many people, due to his long hair, like him. The other day one gentleman said that Pratya has enough hair to donate. Of course, he has but I am thinking not to trim his hair until summer.

Interestingly, he is also learning to respond to us. Sometimes, he acts like a grown-up kid. He kicks and jumps which has made his mom to be extra cautious while carrying him. Once he fell off the floor from his mom’s lap when she was feeding him. I am so impressed when he talked with me over phone. I talked with him on phone; he laughed and cooed and responded with babbling brooks.

Tonight, we celebrated authentic Newa Bhoj instead of usual Dal-Bhat (rice and lentil). In fact, we were running out of some groceries especially rice. So we decided to become creative and not bother to go to the store. Apparently, we had some other stuffs to prepare authentic Newa cuisines in our kitchen. First, my wife and I thought that we would prepare only four dishes. But as started cooking, we added more dishes which ended up with twelve dishes, really very spicy and hot – potato curry, Raddish-Green peas pickle, Red kidney beans, Black eye beans, special grilled meat (Chhoila),sautéed dry vegetable, mixed soup, fenugreek seed soup, soy bean with dry fish and ginger root, green vegetable, fried cake of green split lentil including beaten or flatten rice.Yet, it is not the perfect authentic cuisine that we make in home during festivals. Even so, they turned great and made our supper even greater.

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