Do Not Wrinkle, Nepal

Appreciation for the grandeur of a patriotic Nepali’s wrath over any other neighboring country which is greedily encroaching the land and resources of Nepal does not necessarily have to be of an individual of any caste or the region where he or she lives. Of late, people from different caste and ethnicity are more concerned for their rights. Pahadias and Madhesis have seen the bloodbath last year due to the conflict of “who rules who” sort of mentality in their ethnicity. I did not mean that we should not think about that. Of course, we need to be very aware and concerned for our ethnicity, as it is also a part of our identity. More we should be concerned for is our country. Our dignity and pride is attached to the sovereignty of our country. For what we are witnessing at present that every ethnic group has put their ethnicity atop of nationality is, unfortunately I have to admit, the sabotage of glorious future and destruction of our own country.

By which means, the sovereignty of country is in stake, since we failed to understand that we have created a loophole for the foreign nations to play their dirty diplomatic game in our land, as if it were a public stadium for them. Unless we accept the truth that our identity as Nepali adhere with the glory and sovereignty of Nepal, then our ethnicity will not last for a long. Other day I was watching a documentary called “The Greater Nepal.” It provoked my inner soul to rage against the element or dominant power which is defying the historical treaties of the border between East India Company and Nepal and showing his lustful and defiant character. I was so moved and emotionally drained with the bitter fact the documentary presented. I knew about encroachment in Kalapani and how Indian army has deprived Nepal and Nepalese to step in their own land. I knew about Susta; i knew about Mechi but I never knew that our beloved Nepalese still have the same hot-blood against their foes who are constantly eying the land of Nepal. Woe to our leaders who walk in the counsel of our own oppressors! Woe to me who have voted such insincere and disloyal leaders of Congress and Communist! But there is still hope that our patriotic brothers and sisters will fight relentlessly against those tormentors. Neither Madhise nor Pahadiya take it as a grant when the booths of those shameless neighbors step in the land to humiliate and defile us. We will fight against them till we hold the last breath.

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