New Days Ahead

Past week was very stressful, as my school works kept me busy. Mid-term is over now and only two classes to go before spring break. Yeah, Spring-Break! It’s my DAYs because I like Spring and Fall in Michigan. We have sun for few days. Snow has almost gone, and sidewalks are clear. It’s still chilling though. Lately, meteorologists have predicted of some snow flurries and rain next week. But deer started showing up and hopping around. So, we decided to go on a walk.

There is still no much sign of greenery; however, it is little fun to stride some miles toward the freeways. Woods are still damp. Once the temperature gets higher, the trails in the woods will be clear and ready for hiking. Some trees are showing the early signs of spring already. Then, there will be no more gloomy, cloudy, and foggy days until next winter. Mr. P. likes going out like his parents. Whenever we take him out, he stays quiet and enjoys well. Prasha takes him everywhere she goes. He seeks for constant attention even from passersby. He likes, I guess, to be held by everyone.

He is 22 weeks old now. His hair is growing too long. We feel we should trim them. Prasha had me cut the bangs. He looked so different and cuter after the fringes were cut. He can sit by himself for few minutes and then topples.

He hasn’t learned to crawl yet. He lifts up his back and tries to move his hands. In a second or two, his nose knocks the floor. Time and again, he keeps trying, until he gets tired and feels hungry; thence he started eating rice cereal from this week Monday. However, he is not officially weaned. Prasha introduced him this new baby food. We have had some videos and pictures of his new experience of eating different food than usual milk from his mom. New days are ahead of us to grow, learn, enjoy our lives together.

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