Feverish Week

Last week was quite a busy week. We had Nepali fellowship with Bhutanese refugees. Dr. Beels was the speaker for the week. I had privilege to interpret his message into Nepali. We have a good number of people attending our service. On that day, we missed some refugees who had to work. After all, the potluck dinner was cool.

My final examinations are on the way. Meantime, my wife and I were invited to speak in an Evangelical church in the town about the basic beliefs of Hinduism, cultural sensitivity, and how we can reach out to our Hindu neighbors. I was kinda nervous about the presentation, because it was my first presentation in the US. This was a new experience for us. However, I have spoken in many occasions in Nepal.

The Sunday School class was full of more than fifty church folks who were interested to hear from us. At first, I thought they would not be listening to us, for we were not scholars nor mature in stature. But the presentation went well, and later we were asked if they could get our presentation. And the pastor also informed us that there were lots of positive feedback.

Yesterday, I was once again invited to speak in a small conference in Lutheran Church. It was such an honor to be a part of ministry. There were many old folks attending the conference. I had no time to prepare for the conference, as I got the phone call from the pastor only in the previous day evening. Our God, however, is the one who uses the weak and feeble as his instrument for his glory.

Herein is the PowerPoint Presentation converted to Video. (Note: Due to its size, I am not attaching presentation files here. If anyone needs, you may write to me).

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