Saugatuck Dunes

Thursday was a wonderful day. Sunshine, beautiful green foliage,and Sand Dunes Trip from Campus with friends – wow, that’s awesome! I wanted Prasha to come along with me, but she was all day busy with her job. So, she could not join. We reached at Saugatuck Sand Dunes State Park after fourty-five minutes ride from campus. In fact, Sand dune, according to dictionary definition, is a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans. In a dune, Sand is piled up 10-20 feet by the wind.

Sand Dunes have four major characteristics: (a) Backdunes (b) Trough (c) Foredunes and (d) Beach. We hiked through Backdunes to Trough and reached on the top of Sand Dune. We had the first glimpse of the Parabolic dune and were pretty dumbfounded when we saw Lake Michigan facing toward us. The Parabolic dune is formed by the wind that moves sand through an eroded corridor such as a path. The wind pushes sand many yards up the slope and creates saddle-shaped dune. This process takes many years. We sang the first verse of “How Great thou Art” standing on top of the dune. It was so touchy when we sang that hymn. We experienced the beauty and grandeur of God’s creation. Then, we had Dune ride in a buggy. It was so much fun that we felt butterfly in our stomach when the buggy followed the whorl up and down passages in the dune.

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