Pratyaz Fun Time & Squeal HD from Satya Maharjan on Vimeo.

I believe that this video will tell you more than I can explain with mere words after watching it. I was watching him that day, for Prasha had gone out for couple of hours. I always feel like playing with Pratya when I am home. The day was perfect – sun shine, full tummy, geared up camcorder, father, and son! What’s next??? … Just Fun – giggling, laughing, and squealing!!!

Something I should have already shared with you guys. Pratya is eight and half months old now. This week, he got another two upper teeth. He has four central incisors at present. We noticed him drooling last week; however, he showed no sign of pain while teething. Yay, he made it again without any pain!

I did Pratya’s haircut last week or so. He has eczema, and it was worsening that day. Dry skin and itching sensation was bothering him in his sleep. So, we decided to buzz his hair. It was already 11.30 PM. Once I started cutting off, he moved his head around to find out what was going on on his head. Hence, it took an hour to finish my job. Nevertheless, it looked alright after we gave him night bath.

We did not notice when he really started crawling. He is crawling all over. I was very enthused to him crawling around before he learned to do that. No sooner he crawled and reached every corner of the house than my heart pumped-up for his safety. He pulls drawers in the dressers, computer desk, lockers, and whatever is available around him. Still, it is very fun to watch our baby crawling, walking at the edge of couch, rocking-chair, and his crib.

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