Life challenged…

Life is very easy when you create your own little world and do not let others come in. You sorta have control over what you do and when you do. But once you step into the world where you are not in control, things go awry, but awry in a very good way. For a brief period of my life, I was in that cozy space. Many did not know where I went, how I spent my days and who were my friends. I kept my life very protected and it was getting monotonous.

Today, I do not feel that way at all. I feel that my life has taken a 180 degree turn and I cannot keep my life protected from rest of the world. I have invited the ONE to come and take it over. I don’t want to be the controller. As this happened, I have also become happier, cheerful giver, and social. The more room I give to Him, the more space He creates for me to embrace life fully and give bountifully. And I hope I’m not boasting when I say this. I have been a bountiful giver in many ways, the time I spent with people and things that I have which can be used by others.

Truly, I life that is protected does not yield any thing but selfishness and narcissism. A life that is challenged by allowing people to see you as you are, weak and dependent is more powerful. Rarely do people show genuine interest in you if your life is all about you. It is in the weaknesses that people come to meet with you for real.

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