The same old story of SIN

Reading the news these days is saddening. I wonder sometimes what the sharing of information has given to people. Have people become more aware, more wise, more savvy or more informative? Because, all I am being aware of through the news is that every star has given himself over to sin. Hence, I do not want to be more informative about this anymore.
A month ago, David Letterman was all over the news media about his sex scandal. Since few days, golf star Tiger Woods have been unraveling his infidelity.

If the media is just going to unravel how malicious and how sinful mankind is, I’m good with just reading the Bible. Hasn’t the Bible already laid out since the inception of mankind that they will sin. I guess, since people are avoiding this esteemed book, God is using the media to amplify his message. “Oh, you sinful people turn around and come back to ME,” God!

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