Women’s Advent Gala

I don’t get to enjoy going out to events like the one last night. It was Thornapple Church’s annual Women’s Advent Gala. But I was quite blessed to be able to go to this was despite my husband’s heavy study schedule. His final week is coming and he has been very busy. Yet, through the grace of a beautiful friend I was able to make it.
Right after our staff meeting, a co-worker heard that this event was happening and asked me if she could join. Immediately, another two friend also jumped in. All I had to do was call the church office and see if they still had some seats available. Thankfully, there were four spots available. Yahoo!
Initially, they thought it was a Sari night and I just played along and brought them my traditional Nepali dresses, a saree, a lehenge, and a bakhu. Two of us wore sarees, another the lehenge and one wore bakhu. These beautiful Americans looked great in my Nepali dresses. They easily blended with other Nepali women also present in the event.


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