Beginning of Day – Then and Now

    Outskirts of Khokana
                 Originally uploaded by wufgaeng against censorship

The splendor of this mountain and patches of cloud remind me of a popular Nepali song by Ram Krishna Dhakal, “Bihan Uthne Bittikai Himal Dekhna Paiyos, Yo Haatle Sadhai-Sadhai Nepal Lekhna Paiyos.” The lyricist has put these words in such an impressive order which goes like this, “I would see Himalaya preferably as I woke up in the morning; I would rather write Nepal with my hand forever and a day.”

Truly, I feel dry for 6-7 months during winter every year ever since I moved in Michigan. Spring to fall seems okay but when it starts snowing, I do not feel like staying here. Temperature drops down to -10 to – 15 degree Celsius. I am not kidding at all. Nothing is so monotonous and tedious when frosty air touches your tip of nose and numbs your ears and cracks your lips. Freezing cold makes life utterly dull. When it comes to Christmas and New Year break right after Fall Semester, friends go to their homes. I feel as if we were left high and dry in this cold and draggy place middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, we have great God-fearing, loving, wise, and godly American families who never forget to count our head in every occasion.

When I was living with my folks back home, my typical day would start looking at this mountain called “Hattiban” which literally means, “Elephant Forest” right after I got up from my bed. Even before I watched or read weather forecast of the day, I would look at the top of that mountain to find out what the day would look like. If there were dark or black patches of clouds, I would guess that the day would be hazy, or possibly humid, or something like gloomy day. The mountain covered by cloud in this photo would draw my attention in December-January every year. After straight 2-3 days of rain, sometimes downpour, and snow would blanket other mountains including the mountain covered with could in this photo. It was very fascinating and great pleasure to my mind and eyes.

But here in Michigan, my day starts, especially during winter, by checking the weather forecast in my laptop or desktop. I open the blinds at the porch and see white and shiny snows everywhere. Snow flurries will be falling down from the sky. If not, then the cool breeze moves the naked twigs and branches of the tree and blows away the flurries which will be hanging in tree like a cotton. Although I do not have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I just simply hate winter because of snowing and slippery roads. It is very scary to drive when the roads are icy and vision is not clear. I prefer winter to summer in Nepal, but it just does not work here for me. I do not like to use the word ‘hate’ but also I do not find the right word to express my strong emotion in terms to say that I detest or dislike winter in Michigan. But spring and summer are the perfect seasons, I would say! Kayaking, canoeing, swimming in the lakes is explicably great!

No matter how majestic and beautiful Michigan is, my developing and primitive birthplace, Khokana is more lovely and attractive to me. Certainly we do not have skyscraper, sea, great lakes like Lake Michigan, Huron, Sand Dunes, Amtrak, and fast-track highways, yet Khokana and its surrounding areas are far better than any other industrial areas in the world. However, the continuous ticking of clock has been teaching me to stay tuned with winter, though I do not like it. I do not know how long I will have to stay in Michigan since I have four semesters to be done with my school, including this Winter Semester. I hope that I will like Michigan by that time or years.

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