Tragedy and your response-

Dear Lord, where are you when it hurts like crazy? Are you thinking of bringing the people together while the millions are dying? Or are you opening their spiritual eyes so they may see beyond what meet the eyes? Calamities and tragedies like these have been happening time and again- tragedies that are mourned personally at the privacy of ones homes or tragedies that the media projects to the world.

A rabbi by the name of Harold Kushner has written a book called- When Bad Things Happen to Good People. In this book, Kushner expresses that God’s educational purposes when he brings a tragedy upon someone never outweighs the loss in a family. The teachings that the parents are to be more careful henceforth, and people should grow in their spiritual journey do not outweigh the loss of a child. This resonates with my own story. My family lost a daughter in her heydays of life. It just seems so unnatural that a mother should experience her daughter’s death in her lifetime. The scar never seems to be callous. In fact, the scar is fresh that only may get some relief in her deathbed. In his book, Kushner thus concludes that God may not the all-powerful God.

The recent calamity in Haiti has awakened such a question again. A quarter of the Haitian population has been affected by this 7.0 magnitude earthquake. It’s been the center of global attention. Similar question as above arise again: Should these calamities befall upon us so that all peoples of the world may come together, and work as a team temporarily putting aside their differences?! Personally, this is a difficult question for me and it is one for many great thinkers and intellects alike. My family has coped with the tragedy in our unique ways. There was spiritual spurt in my case. My mother found her eternal joy and strength in Jesus. And the rest of my family members seem to have their own mechanisms of overcoming that loss. I will not take pride that my mother and myself seem to be doing much better than the others in my family, although it seems to be true.

I, hence, would like throw out this question to you. What questions arise in your own sphere of belief and how do you cope with these tragedies?

One thought on “Tragedy and your response-

  1. Here's an article from BBC that tries to look into similar question to yours:

    Some of the views in the article resonates with my own. In my opinion, we as humans have a very narrow view of everything including ourselves. We put ourselves in the center of the Universe and we see everything with this very narrow perspective. Obviously, when disaster strikes us, we cry out why such terrible things happen to us. God is creator of everything not just humans, so everything and everyone is special to God. We want to put ourselves into this exclusive group that we are special than the rest of his creation but God does not discriminate. God loves all his creations equally. God has created this dynamic Universe where it works perfectly as he intended, just because we don't understand why doesn't mean it shouldn't be this way. Of course, it is natural to question when such things happen but God's purpose cannot be only limited to humans. Moreover, in a disaster such as this, you will find that most people died because of collapsed infrastructure that humans built. As technology progresses, we will make better infrastructure and limit the casualties in such disaster. Would earthquake still be evil if there was no human or property loss? Since we will never have answers for everything that is why we live by faith.
    John 20:29 Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? [1 Pet 1:8; 2 Cor 5:7] Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”


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