Letter from the Patient

Hi Screwtape,
I do not think that I have known you personally. Before I gave my life to the man called Jesus, I had been living my life in your counsels and guidance. At this point, I have realized that I had ruined precious moments of my life chasing the unrealistic offerings of the world which are contemptuous. The moment I was freed from the lust of the world was when I offered my genuine prayer to Jesus.
I have to say something to you regarding prayer. You know when I asked for forgiveness for my sins and freedom from the burden of voraciously lived life, I confessed my sin. My confession was genuine; it was real and true to my life. I professed my faith emphatically – it was not like rote learning. I had never seen him before, so I did not know how he looked like. Thus, I had no clue for portraying his benevolent image into my conscious mind when I was praying to him. Simply, I sensed something different happening in my mind and spirit which is indescribable in mere words. That changed my life. You might say that it is a subjective experience; however, prayer is a life-changing dynamic. And that is what it is for all people who believe in Christ. Is that still a subjective experience including the Pentecost? No way!
Ever since I had such experience, I became more aware of the power of prayer. Although I am a new convert or follower of Christ, I have come to know that it is the only weapon that I can use against the forces, powers, authorities, and principalities of the present ruler in the earth (and Hell) who has been misleading many souls and proved peril.  More I pray, more I feel secure. Furthermore, I see around people who are sick, weak, and suffering. Those concerns compel me to kneel down and intercede for them. Praying is not only for me and my thing, it is, you know, the way of life to touch other lives through love and care for them.
I have stern objection to your notion of free form prayer with little discipline. Recently, I discovered in my prayer that genuine prayer requires conscious mind, spirit, and body. Sometimes I tend to pray while I am lying down in my bed or engaging myself somewhere. But the Father has revealed his people throughout the history that prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines and should make no excuse with cheap grace. HE should be the focus of our prayer. It should, therefore, be taken seriously and not to be done in an informal and empty fashion.  It is not babbling, muttering, or repeating the same phrase continually. Prayer is stating your concerns for others and yourself to your Enemy, my God, so that I can claim my ground and stand firm against the tempters, liars, and the clerks of the Hell like you (Satan).
Thus, the posters or any images of the Cross are not my objective hope and power than the ONE who is the greatest Enemy to you. HE is the one who revealed me about your crooked and perverted goal. Now, I know that you wanted me to derail from my faith by encouraging me to inscribe imaginary God in my mind, worship and pray to the god who is the figment of my imagination and only think about needs of my people and mine. No words of your tempters or malice can keep me from your greatest Enemy – my God, my Savior.
Your disdainful foeman

The Patient.

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