Free Audio Book of the Month: Spiritual Leadership

Free audio book of the month for September: J. Oswald Sanders’ “Spiritual Leadership.”

This book is one of the few quality and worth reading Christian books on leadership. Sanders presents the key principles of spiritual leadership including temporal leadership.  He makes some observations on leadership qualities of eminent leaders of likes Moses, Paul, Nehemiah,  Charles Spurgeon, and David Livingstone and presents solid points for the godly leadership from the Scriptures and Christian history. He encourages every church believer to put his or her God given talents at His disposal and cultivate leadership qualities.

The 2007 edition is little dry at times, as it is substantially edited from the original copy.  Nonetheless, it is a highly recommended book, in terms of, topics it has covered so far for edifying Christians on leadership and leaders to lead and minister the church. At the end of every chapter, it contains questions for discussion. A chapter in the Prayer can be a life-changing dynamite for you. A must read book. Hats off to Sanders!

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