The Story Continues….

“Hey, Prash!” Cori hollered at me. “All you need to do is soak your cardigan and wring out all the water. See what color the water is. If it’s yellow, then you are pregnant.” And Lo and Behold, the water was yellow. This was a dream couple of nights ago. I did not have any obvious sign that I was pregnant. I did get nauseous one day when I drove right after dinner. But, back in June I had a similar experience. I tested for pregnancy, which showed negative.Because of that experience, it did not occur to me that I would be pregnant. I haven’t had my period for a long time. I was curious and went to the doctor two months ago to tell her that I have not been having my period and that my pregnancy test was negative. She said it was due to being on pills. All these past incidences kept telling me that I am not positive this time either.

All of a sudden, there was a lot of talk about pregnancy at work. Most young mothers were talking about second child. I had not entertained that idea. I thought I was done with children. However, deep in the hearts of heart I did want another kid. Many times, I have looked at Pratya playing by himself and thought how wonderful it would be for him to have a sibling to play with. I grew up among four siblings. Though it was rough, boy was it fun!?

And today, I am just so thankful to have Saral with us.

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