Being Organic is expensive, but totally worth it!

I come from the corner of the world where my parents bought everything locally. My parents are farmers and grew many produce and crops themselves. I never thought I was a privileged one just because I got to eat some food items fresh and locally. It never even occurred to me that I had been a very healthy and privileged youth until I moved to the United States.
I say all this because though this country is rich and developed, a middle-class person cannot afford to live a healthy life by choosing to buy organic or natural food items from the grocery store. Initially, I did not think that I was making unhealthy choices. I went to the same grocery stores as many Americans did. I did notice some organic choices in some items, but I did not realize that this country was going through this trend of being organic. In my home country, it was not a trend that I consciously chose; it was just part of our daily lives.
Being in the country for almost three years, I slowly started to realize the changed in my body. I was gaining a lot of fat constituent in my body. I was getting sick to the point that I need a surgery for an infection in my small intestine. The doctor said it was due to the inclination to foreign food. At that point, I discovered that I had stepped into a culture where the trend of being organic is expensive, but totally worth it.
For one, I would not have spent so much money on medical bills. And, another I would not have been promoting mass production that forces the corporate world to use hormones, pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful to nature and us. Yes, I am a poor student, but I will not make the same mistakes again. I am going back to my age-old life of being natural and organic. It indeed was a privilege in my country; here it is a conscious decision I have to make for my health’s sake.
Buying organic food items can deem daunting because of the higher prices compared to others. However, with some smart moves this too can be resolved. After all, it is a very serious concern to you, it is about your whole life. Perhaps, one can start eating less outside and saving that money to buy organic. Perhaps, one can start being a smart shopper by using coupons. There are a plethora of websites that offer coupons. Better even, going to the product’s website where they quite often run specials and offer discounts.
We have to have this trend of being organic going because once the demand of organic food goes higher; the mounting price of organ food also decreases in the reciprocal ratio.
Most economists believe prices would decrease if one-third of the population regularly purchased organic food. As more customers voice their preference for organic products, stores will need to stock a wider variety of items and keep their pricing competitive in order to stay in business. Selling more organic products will also allow retailers to make bulk purchases that can pass savings onto the consumer.[1]
The following four reasons should also force a person to re-think buying non-organic food:
1. According to the USDA reports .5% of crops and pasture lands are organic.  This leaves the other 99.5% to be non-organic and containing pesticides and herbicides, which have been proven to be toxic to humans. 
2 As explained by, though the US has banned certain pesticides from being used in farming practices, pesticide manufacturing companies are often selling their products abroad.  These products are used on crops and then shipped to the US for sale and consumption.  
3. Stated by the National Organic Standards Board, GMOs are “made with techniques that alter the molecular or cell biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes.”
4. The use of pesticides and herbicides are detrimental to the environment.  The USGS explains that when pesticides and herbicides are applied, they do not stay in one place.  The toxins are moved around by means of wind, rain, and absorption into the soil.  The effects seem invisible to the eye, but show up in environmental testing of our soil and water resources.[2]
Hence, through my personal experience and through the research I have done, I am committed to living a smart and healthy life by choosing to be organic. It is really the matter of your will-power and the things that you can sacrifice in order to give a better life for our generations to come down the road.

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