Seeking Solitude while Rising Ruckus

The clear sky and greenish everywhere — The black patches of clouds disappeared and the sun shone brightly to give pleasure to exhausted eyes that had not seen the ray of the sun for last four days. All of a sudden, the bus stops at the side of highway and a number of other vehicles stand in a row that could be  reckoned on the section of Muglin highway. A driver from a loader truck plunges his head out of the window before he stops honking. Another man just in front of him yells at him, saying that there is an accident somewhere on the highway.  Other passengers and pedestrians who eye-witnessed confirm the mishap. A truck ran over a boy and the driver fled from there abandoning the truck in the middle of highway. Local villagers took control of the truck, and they laid the dead body at the hub of the highway to block the other vehicles from passing both side in order to put pressure on authorities to take action against the culprit without any delay.

There were 10 missionaries from the United States of America coming back from Dhading to Kathmandu after a brief church visit. Some of them from Ps. Woody’s team went to see where the accident took place. But before they left, all prayed in a group for the bereaved family that God might strengthen them to bear this tragedy in the time of Dashain, the greatest festival of Hindus. What a disastrous incident that proved to be for  all the family and relatives in the wake of Dashain when all family and friends come to gather in a family! Then they left the van and went up to the accident spot. What they saw was nothing different than what was told before. And there rumors spread – the road would not be cleared till his father’s arrival here. Someone said that his father was just traveling from Nepalgunj, the far-west Nepal so the vehicles could not be moved until next day and so on and so. A guy among them went away in a solitary space just to pray to his God for His intervention in this matter.

Time was ticking incessantly and the hands of watch crossed 5, 6, 7, and 8 and gradually about to touch 9 pm. A bus from the reverse direction moved so promptly with siren in its top swinging its light. A sharp sound of siren bounces the walls of high mountains and reverberates. Some cops in the back and other vehicles were also following behind. At this level people were waiting for the moment with patience for the traffic to be flowed again.

The bright day turned to dark night at 7 pm, and the sun hid itself somewhere in the open sky. The garlands of twinkling stars and a moon enveloped ‘a bright burning fireball – Sun’ to reign the night. It was beautiful and wonderful to starring at the black, dark sky with bare-naked eyes, and was peaceful to ear hearing the roaring and the snarling of the waves in Trishuli river. The guy was just roaming here and there, to and fro to hear pep talks about different topics.  Conversations were simply great but often full of humor and were merely the repeating of the same story. They were telling how important it was for them to be home in time and catch up with some undone business during weekend. Others wishing to be home soon. It was, however, seemed like a pie in the sky for me. He had no other choice than making some errands around there.

One of the Nepali Christian scholars and Pastors Rev. N. Sharma was recalling his heydays spent in Dallas, Texas conference. And all the guests were surrounding him as though bugs stick to the night lamp and heeding him very attentively. But their visages were full of interrogation marks, as he unfolds his stories, zeal for the missions and his thoughtful perspective on the Kingdom of God. It was getting darker and darker, and one could not see each other without the help of flashlight or going very closer. The unending and superfluous lousy buzz of bugs made conservation even more interesting. You don’t want to miss a little part of the story. Many of them might have not forgotten how attentively they used to listen to their bed stories.

He had no idea what to do at that moment when all those guests were hanging around there. His nose was running and hardly could he talk to others. Nevertheless, he got his little mouthorgan and just climbed up in the top of the parked van. There were too many luggages and other belongings to guests. He laid down on them and stared upon the sky where stars were playing hide-and-seek. They were appearing and hiding instantly without any delay. It seemed as if they were teasing him like kids in pica-boo. What an amazing world this is God has made! So gorgeous constellations and milky ways were like an embellishment that adored the bright moon. Some were shining vividly and some seemed fading the brightness in their faces.

He tried to scrutinize through the pair of his eyes howsomuch could he lengthen his vision in the northern and southern part of the dark black sky. There were only few stars and much of what was seen was vast gap between them. He thought that there were no more stars in that gap but the science tells us that some stars are small in mass that cannot be seen by our bare-naked eyes. Wow! There were really too many stars those were incontrovertibly hiding themselves into the dark shawl not to show them off to the human beings.

He dared to ask a question to the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, “How did you manage to hang those millions of stars in the perfect place in the universe?” Well, all these heavenly bodies are kept in a lane and the right pattern that is beyond human imagination and comprehension. He rarely feels excitement. All of a sudden, he felt overly excitement. His heart overjoyed and overwhelmed ‘by thou art!’ His heart sang and praised the Lord who created the universe and tuned the heavenly bodies finely and hung them in the open space without any fine linen. His little mouthorgan began to make lofty and softy sound worshiping the Creator of this universe in a melodious tune “Then sings my soul My Savior God to Thee, How Great Thou Art!” He was blowing his instrument in mild tune that it could hardly be heard unless coming closer to him. He sank deep into his own world and began to wander in the Utopia that was formed by the tune of his little musical instrument. The idea of Sovereignty of  God was incubating while reflecting upon the creation.

There was a big ‘bang’ on the spur of moment on the hood of the van. Someone was yelling that it’s time to leave now. That startled the man playing his music. There was a news that the road had been cleared after an agreement between the truck owner and the deceased man’s father. He was assured to be paid couple of hundred thousands as a compensation for the death of his son. Finally, the traffic started moving slowly and steadily.

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