Khokana Mahotsav (Festival) Begins

We had promised you to keep updating about the three-day Khokana Mahotsav (Festival) 2011, organized by Jyapu Mahaguthi in Khokana to promote tourism in Nepal. Having said that, we are trying to live up to the expectation of our readers by posting the updates, as we received them from our friends and family in Khokana, Nepal.

The Festival kicked off officially today. Sharad Singh Bhandari, the minister of Tourism was the guest of honor to inaugurate the festival. The main objective of this festival is to introduce people in and outside of Nepal about cultural, historical, and archeological plethora of Khokana and to preserve the ethnic identity and the cultures that are fundamental to the  Civilization of Khokana.

Other attractions of the exhibition are the thoroughfares, intersections, ancient mustard oil-mills, centuries old Hindu temples and shrines, and everyday lifestyle.

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