Khokanā Mahotsav – 2nd Day

By Amrit Dangol
16th January 2011

©swaniga:|Photo: Amrit Dangol

The second day of Khokanā Mahotsav went very well. Though it rained almost all day, the visitors did not feel the least discouraged or disinterested.  The visitors seemed unhappy about the rain and there was a decline in the number of visitors in comparison to the first day. The roads of Khokanā were all muddy making it difficult to walk. Despite all that, people here did a great job welcoming the visitors and guiding them. The weather got worse as by mid-afternoon.

The visitors were all roaming around the village with lots of interest and wanting to learn more about the Newāri culture and tradition. All the shows went very well. Later in the afternoon, the weather got better but was very cold due to the rain. Many visitors consisted of relatives of the villagers who stayed at their relatives’ homes. Hence, the second day of the festival ended well and with great joy and happiness for the Khokanā residents.

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