Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

I had an opportunity to attend an autumn choral concert in East Kentwood High school in Kentwood district, Michigan this evening. Apart from the conductor and the pianist, all the performers were the coming-of-age high school kids. As they walked on the stage with outwardly seen confidence, the reverence of clap from their parents, relatives, and friends was just on the air even before their performance. The entire program was sequenced into seven parts beginning with Women’s Ensemble followed by Chamber Choir, 9th Grade Choir separately from Men and Women, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, and Varsity Voices respectively.

Here, I am going to cover the whole lot of ground other than writing particularly on Women’s Ensemble and Chamber Choir. I liked and enjoyed these two above all. Nevertheless, ninety-five freshman year women singing Kyrie was also worth mentioning. They repeated the main theme and showed slight variation each time by changing the texture.

Most of the songs were translated from foreign languages. The performers sang the song in the original language first then repeated into English. All of choral compositions and ensemble were enriched with polyphonic texture. The musical form is so discernible that we can notice the musical form – repetition and contrast – along with imitation. I liked the word or text painting in the Women’s Ensemble entitled Dome Epais. There was modulation while imitation piece of the main theme. It was amazing how those little performers were so much gifted that they could sing from all ranges of their voice. I see good scope for some of those performers to grow into maturity in their understanding of music and singing and develop their skill further in the days to come. Personally, I also I enjoyed the concert more than ever before after all knowing some basic language of music. I love listening music without any basic knowledge of it but now I started appreciating it how beautiful it is.

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