Nepal Bhāsā is officially on Facebook

Some of you who speak Nepal Bhāsā might have noticed in the social network, Facebook where you enter the languages known to you is updated automatically if you had previously had the word “Newari”. Recently, they changed  the term ‘Newāri‘ into Nepal Bhāsā after requesting the apps developer for this cause. Now when you type the word ‘Newār’ or ‘Nepal,’ in the languages field, Nepal Bhāsā appears automatically as an auto-complete option in that field. So, you will no more be able to write “Newāri” as your spoken or known language onwards.

FYI: Few years back, the Library of Congress changed the ISO code for Nepal Bhāsā from Newāri upon request. The ISO code of Nepal Bhāsā remains ISO 639-2 new.

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