Book Review: Golem

Golem: David Wisniewski

Golem is a mythical character. He is simple, brave, and loves nature. His story moves us because we want to be like him. Sadly, Golem is not of the world. He has to return.

Once when the Jews of Prague were being persecuted, a righteous scholar and teacher, Rabbi Loew created Golem- a ‘shapeless mass’ in Hebrew. The rabbi created Golem from earth. He was a giant who was only created to save the Jews from oppression. As he carried on his mission, he fell in love with nature. He was enchanted by the beauty of sunrise and colors of the sky. Golem desired to stay on earth even after his mission. But his desire cannot be fulfilled. Rabbi Loew put him back to dirt after the mission was achieved.


Golem is a story retold by traditional sources. The master cut-paper illustrations accompany the storyline. People will be able to identify themselves with Golem in terms of his capacities as well as his limitations.

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