Vreeman family- divine appointment!

In Fall 2007, an email went out from one of the Kuyper faculty to Kuyper faculty and staff about an international student who was newly married and waiting for her husband to join her shortly. The email was requesting them to donate household goods for this poor international student’s apartment to make it welcoming once her husband joined her. I was new to the area, did not have a car, and all that help was appreciated. In all of that, a lady named Jacki Vreeman emailed me back and then we came in touch with each other. Rest is history. Wherever I have moved in the United States, I have always been blessed by at least one family that becomes like family to me. I consider this complete favor from God. These particular families have blessed me in more than one ways. The Vreemans have taught us and helped us in so many ways that I cannot contain them in this blog. Their heart for international students have extended to more than us. I know without a speck of a doubt that each of these international student feels equally thankful as much as we do or perhaps more.

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